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Taking care of yourself is important! Here are posts about self care and relaxation.

  • self care shower
    Self Care

    Your Self Care Shower Routine: How to Relax

    Having a self care shower is easily the number one way I decompress. Whether you’ve had a rough day at work or just need some peace, spending time having water run down your face is an easy fix! Establishing a…

  • Self Care Gift Ideas
    Self Care

    The Only Self Care Gift Ideas You Need

    Need some self care gift ideas and have no idea where to start? I’ve got you! As a self care know-it-all, I’ve compiled a list of 15 amazing self care gifts you can give to people you love. I give…

  • Fall Self Care Ideas
    Self Care

    25 Fall Self Care Ideas to Get You in the Spirit

    Fall is my favourite season. The leaves are changing, school is opening back up, and scarves are socially acceptable to wear. It’s comfy. Fall is also the best time to start doing all sorts of fall self care ideas you…

  • Self Care

    10 Bad Self Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    Self care is all the rage right now. People are boasting online about their self care spa day, how they took a break to relax, and all the little self care activities they’re doing to make their lives just a…

  • Pin for Pinterest about Hustle Culture and Mental Health
    Mental Health,  Self Care

    Hustle Culture is Destroying Your Mental Health

    In this weird time, I keep seeing articles claiming to boost people’s productivity. “15 steps to boost productivity during quarantine” and other ridiculous articles are on the rise since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you…