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“Throw Your Hair in a Bun, Make Some Coffee and Handle it!”

Angele’s Note: This post about productivity is written by Ziera Marie, a personal growth blogger I love to follow. If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger for me, send me an email at

Ziera’s Thoughts on Productivity

I saw the quote I used as my title on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love with this quote. It has such simplicity but complexity in its meaning. It talks about doing two simple things: putting your hair in a bun and making coffee. The phrase “handle it” refers to the idea of productivity, which can be quite complex.

This contrast in a sentence intrigued me. Get what done? Why, how, when, where? When I think of productivity, I think of getting a result rather than the process one goes through. I think of this as the term “busy.” 

Before and during COVID, I feel that saying “I’m busy” or just yearning to be productive seems like a badge of honor either to yourself or someone else. But during this quarantine, I learned a different meaning of productivity.

We tend to see productivity in terms of doing laundry, cleaning the car, or doing yard work. Those are complex ways of getting things done.

It is a process that takes time.

However, what about the more simple actions of productivity we don’t look at such as a nap, a bath, watching TV, visiting family, praying, or seeing friends? These do not require as much as a process to get done or completed. We tend to forget about the simple tasks or activities when we focus on the larger ones. 

Because even simple actions like those I listed have a result too, even greater results such as your happiness, joy, self-growth. Versus looks, money, aesthetic.

Neither ways are wrong!

This is just a reflection post about how we tend to associate productivity with the thought that they are larger actions with larger visual results.

Productivity: It’s all in the Simple Things

In the end, the simple ways of being productive that are less focused on may have a shorter process but a larger result (that we may not be able to see right away)

If you use “busy” or “being productive” as a badge, do not forget about your simple accomplishments for the day like you award yourself for your larger ones.

You deserve to recognize your simple wins too that impact you in your long-term journey of self-actualization.

-x, Ziera Marie

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“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men”- Colossians 3:23

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