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30 Excellent Journal Prompts to Get Over an Ex FAST

Breakups are rough. Even if you see it coming, it still hurts to lose the person you’ve spent most of your time with. Journaling is amazing for processing these emotions, so if you want journal prompts to get over an ex, I’ve got you!

If you don’t know this already, journaling is amazing for when you need to heal.

Think about it.

If you need to process your thoughts and feelings (which you probably have plenty of right now), word vomiting on paper is therapeutic. All of that energy is spilled on that paper.

Plus, you can look back at your progress and see just how strong you are.

You might not believe me right now, but you will get through this breakup. It is absolutely painful right now, but journaling will help manage your emotions.

I made this article of 30 journal prompts to get over a breakup to kickstart your healing process. You’ve got this.

This article contains:

  1. Why is it taking so long to get over a breakup?
  2. 30 journal prompts to get over an ex
  3. How do you get over a heartache after a breakup?

Why is it Taking so Long to Get Over a Breakup?

Let me tell you right now: it is taking so long to get over a breakup because you still have feelings to work through. Whether your relationship lasted 2 months or 2 years, you had feelings and dedicated time to this person, so it’s only natural to grieve!

Look, when I say you’re grieving, I don’t necessarily mean that your ex died. You’re grieving the loss of something. Whether it be the friendship you had with this person or financial stability, there’s lots you can lose in a breakup.

That’s okay.

This is not a process you can skip, unfortunately. You have to do the nitty-gritty work of getting over this person before you can hop into another relationship and call yourself healed.

Personal story: It took me over a year to get over my ex. We dated for 2 years, and the relationship was toxic, so coming to terms with all of that took a long time. It took even longer because I put off taking time to heal. Take it from me: start facing your feelings now.

30 Journal Prompts to Get Over an Ex

  1. If your ex was right in front of you, what emotions would you feel? Describe your thought process.
  2. Why did you break up? Describe the circumstances. It’s okay if you cry!
  3. What coping mechanisms have you been using to deal with the breakup?
  4. Talk about the best memory of your ex. Teach yourself that it’s okay to think of the good things.
  5. Talk about the worst memory of your ex. Remind yourself that they are human.
  6. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?
  7. Have you ever been through another heartbreak? Describe how you dealt with it then.
  8. What qualities make you such a good person to be around?
  9. What would the future have looked like had you stayed with this person? Think of the best-case scenario and the worst-case scenario.
  10. What never fails to make you happy?
  11. When healing from a breakup, you grieve the things you’ve lost. What do you think you lost? (ex. a sense of security, friendship etc.)
  12. Let’s talk about your new life. What are some goals you hope to achieve in 5 years?
  13. When do you know for sure you’re ready to start dating again? Walk yourself through the process of knowing when you’re healed enough.
  14. Think of some awesome things you can do now that you’re single.
  15. What are some non-negotiable things you want in your next partner?
  16. What mistakes did you make in this relationship? (ex. not standing up for yourself).
  17. What emotions have you been feeling since you broke up? 
  18. Let’s talk about independence. What does being independent mean to you?
  19. Were there any red flags you missed about your ex? Talk about those.
  20. Make a list of people who can support you during your healing process.
  21. Write a letter to your ex. Don’t send it, but use it as a way to spill your thoughts to them.
  22. Do you believe that your relationship was a failure just because it ended? Does failure mean something else to you?
  23. What is your goal in a relationship?
  24. Moving forward, how much contact do you want to have with your ex? Talk about the new boundaries you want to set.
  25. Talk about important relationship milestones, and the approximate timeline that you want to reach them (ex. marriage after at least 2 years). Was that timeline different with your ex?
  26. Do you believe you’re worthy of love? (Spoiler alert: You are.). Write the reasons why you’re worth loving.
  27. What self-care rituals have you been doing to take care of yourself after the breakup?
  28. What kind of behaviours won’t you tolerate in your next relationship? (ex. cheating)
  29. What are your thoughts on dating apps?
  30. Do you believe in soulmates? Walk me through what you believe.

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How Do You Get Over Heartache After a Breakup?

Time and effort heals all wounds. While time apart from this person will eventually help you heal, you also have to work through your emotions.

Here are a list of things you can do to work through your heartache after a breakup:

  • Surround yourself with friends to make you happy and avoid feeling lonely
  • Write in a journal to process your feelings (which you’re already doing!)
  • Cry. Yes, don’t suppress your feelings.
  • Go to therapy if you need to validate your feelings and/or if the relationship was abusive.
  • Avoid entering another relationship until you’re ready. You don’t need even more heartache. Rebound relationships are bad, and might hurt you.

Don’t be like me. Suppressing your feelings and telling yourself that you’re fine does not help. It’s okay to have bad days where you sit in your emotions.

You’re human. You’re strong, and you will heal.

Conclusion: Journal Prompts to Get Over an Ex Will Help

I’m so sorry that you’re in pain. Breakups are definitely not fun, but sometimes the best is yet to come.

However, you’re already on the right track when it comes to healing! You clicked on this article because you want to heal. Good job!

Tell me which journal prompt got you thinking the most.

Peace out!

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