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Glow Up Checklist: Secrets to Becoming the Best You

Glow Up Checklist for 5 weeks

Need a glow up checklist to transform your entire life? This is the place for you! Sure, glow up challenges on YouTube are nice and all, but you want details. Well, I’m here to show you how to have a glow up in only 5 weeks!

You heard that right, you can totally glow up inside and out in just 5 weeks.

In this post, you’ll learn to focus your attention on one aspect of yourself a week to totally transform yourself! Use this time to give yourself the ultimate glow up challenge: doing a full 180 on who you are right now.

This post is a doozy, y’all. It’s long. That’s why I have it all organized into sections, week by week, so you don’t miss any details.

The best part? You can sign up for a free printable glow up checklist at the end of this article to have a handy-dandy reminder with you at all times. Sounds good, right?

This ultimate glow up checklist contains:

  1. Getting Organized (Week 1)
  2. Your Physical Glow Up (Week 2)
  3. Glowing Up Your Stress Management and Achieving Your Dreams (Week 3)
  4. Glowing Up in the Self Care Department (Week 4)

If you get the printable glow up checklist, you get week 5!

Let’s get going!

Week 1: Getting Organized to Glow Up

In this glow up checklist, I’ll be listing every little thing you need to do every day. That means you’ll be getting seven mini-sections to complete in every week.

Week 1 is all about organizing your life. It can be really hard to glow up when you’re overwhelmed by how disorganized you are! You need a plan.

This week, you’ll be organizing every facet of your life. It might sound boring to some of you, but trust me, you’ll thank me later. Let’s get your stuff in order!

Day 1: Get Yourself a Planner

You’re a busy bee: you have appointments, deadlines, and important events to attend to. It can be overwhelming, especially when you put glowing up on your list!

Get yourself a planner that’s easy to organize. Trust me when I say that getting some nice stationary will make you feel inspired to work and get that glow up game on!

I recommend looking for a planner that’s:

  • Not too big (you’ll struggle to handle it) and not too small (please don’t squint)
  • Has monthly calendars and sections where you can manage your weekly appointments
  • Pleasing to the eye! Nice designs will get you inspired to plan.

This planner doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for deals at your local bookstore (especially during back-to-school season), they always have some on sale.

Day 2: Clean Out Your Purse and Wallet

You know when you’re at the store and you’re struggling to put everything back in your purse to make room for the next person in line at the cash? That’s a confidence killer. You don’t need that when you’re glowing up!

A big part of glowing up is getting rid of the past. That means clearing up things that you don’t need.

Grab a seat and clear out the following from your purse and/or wallet:

  • Old receipts that you don’t need
  • Expired or empty gift cards
  • Gloves (if it isn’t cold outside)
  • Expired makeup
  • Dried out pens
  • Business cards
  • Used up tissues

You get the picture. After you’ve cleared that out, here’s a quick tip: leave a dryer sheet in your purse for a bit to clear out any gross money smells. Then, put your stuff back in and voila! You’ll have stress-free shopping experiences.

If you have extra cash to spend, look into buying a new purse that’s easier to handle!

Day 3: Clean Out Your Closet

It wouldn’t be a complete glow up checklist if I didn’t put cleaning out your closet in there somewhere.

Look up the KonMari method to learn how to fold your clothes in a way that’s practical and nice to look at.

When cleaning out your closet, it’s important to have the right mindset. This is a list of questions you should be asking yourself with every piece of clothing:

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it stained or ruined in some unfixable way?
  • Does it suit you (the colour, the style etc.)?
  • Is it your new style?
  • Does it spark joy? (Shout out to Marie Kondo!)

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, keep it! If not, you can always donate it to your local thrift store or, if it’s beyond repair, recycle it.

Now, you’ve got a closet ready for your glow up and more room to add new pieces of clothing that you love!

Remember to do every kind of clothing: I’m talking underwear, socks, and everything in between. You’ve got this!

Disclaimer: This might take a few days, but that’s okay! Just starting is already good!

Day 4: Clean Your Space

Now that you have your glowed-up clothes under control, let’s glow up your space!

Blast some music or put on a cleaning video from YouTube, and work your way through the room.

Work your way down, from dusting all the way down to mopping the floors. It’s deep-cleaning time!

  • Dust your shelves and any surface that has dust piling up
  • Wipe down your surfaces and disinfect them
  • Throw away anything that’s broken or any trash
  • Vacuum, sweep or mop your floors

Ta-da! You have a glowed-up space. You need a space that’s clean and reflects the new you.

Day 5: Clean Out Your Fridge and Pantry

If your fridge is full of stuff you tried and didn’t like, how can you fill it up with good things?

A huge part of a glow up is feeling your body with healthy things and clearing up the bad stuff, and a big part of that is your food!

Clean out your fridge of anything expired and things you don’t like. This is a deep clean, so empty out your fridge and pantry to actually clean them!

Now, you’re not overwhelmed and you have the space to buy healthier foods.

Day 6: Make a Budget for the Week

You need a glow up budget, girl! To do this, sit down on day six and figure out what your expenses are and how much free cash you have.

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert with money, and aren’t sure where to begin. I’ve got you!

There are many free budget templates online that you can use to outline your expenses.

If you want to make one out yourself, here’s a few things you need to list out:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Car payments and gas
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Food
  • Internet, electricity and water
  • Clothing and entertainment budget
  • Debt payments, including student loans

That should get you started on the right path! Now, you know exactly what your glow up budget is and you can spend money worry-free.

Day 7: Online Shopping Day!

It’s the most wonderful time of the week, y’all! Now is the time to buy what you need to glow up. Even though week 2 of the glow up checklist is all about physically glowing up, today is the time where you find what you need to grow into a newer, confident you.

This is the day where you can spend money on clothes and products for your glow up. This can include:

  • The basics you need to replace after you went through your closet
  • Beauty and hair products
  • Skin products (if you’re not sure what kind of products to buy, head to day 2 of week 2!)

If you’re strapped for cash, I have less expensive alternatives for you to glow up on a budget!

  • For clothing, shop at your local thrift stores! There are lots of donations that come in with almost brand new clothes, and you can get them for cheap. I also recommend going to wholesale websites like to get basics at a really cheap price (I’m not getting – you can get a shirt for 3 dollars. Yup.)
  • For makeup, focus on the basics! Buy makeup in neutral colours so you can wear it more often, and shop at drugstores in the clearance section. Remember: sometimes simplicity is key.
  • For skincare, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You only need a cleanser, a serum and a moisturizer. The drugstore section of any store will have deals. I also recommend doing more research on brands that actually work so you don’t waste your money.

And there you have it, week 1 is done! Now that you’re all organized, let’s dive right into our physical glow up work.

Week 2: Physical Glow Up Checklist

Physical glow up is what most people focus on when you look up glow up videos on YouTube. I admit, it is an important part of your glow up, since feeling beautiful gives you confidence.

I must add a big disclaimer for this week: while focusing on outer beauty might boost your confidence a bit, working on every aspect of yourself is what’s really important.

On that note, let’s continue the glow up checklist!

Day 1: Get Your Hair and Eyebrows Done

Let’s pamper yourself! Getting your hair and eyebrows done makes you feel like an entirely new person. Here’s how to maximize your makeover:

Find a style that is easily manageable and that suits you. That’s it.

  • Go on Pinterest and search for “hair inspiration”;
  • Create a Pinterest board with all of the hairstyles you like. This will give you ideas of what to show your hairdresser and how to do your own hair every day;
  • Give yourself lots of time to experiment with your hair. Have an arsenal of easy hairstyles you can do with your hair. I still recommend Pinterest for easy ideas, especially for hair newbies.

Even if you can’t afford a total hair makeover right now, learning new hairstyles and cleaning up your eyebrows will totally kickstart your glow up.

Day 2: Glow Up Your Skin

This one is important. Why? Because if you have skin imperfections, people will unfortunately stare. That’s not good for your new, confident self!

I could go on and on about skincare, but if I can point you to one resource, it would be Skincare by Hyram. He is a skincare specialist who is currently helping loads of people find the right products for their skin.

If you’re confused about where to start, here’s what to do: find your skin type. My fave, Hyram, teaches this trick to find out what skin type you are:

  • Wash your face with a cleanser. Rinse with water, pat dry.
  • Don’t put anything else on for ONE HOUR.
  • Come back in an hour and check out your skin!

If your skin feels tight, you have naturally dry skin.

If your skin feels like oil was produced, you have naturally oily skin.

In the instance that your skin feels like neither of those, you’re one of the lucky few who has naturally normal skin.

If you have a combination of any of these, you have combination skin. You can be combination-dry or combination oily, but this essentially means that certain parts of your face react differently to the cleanser.

Now that you know your skin type, you can purchase the right products for your skin! Look for products for your skin type, as well as a gentler cleanser to avoid hurting your sin.

(I personally recommend CeraVe cleansers and moisturizers as they helped me clear up the biggest breakout I’ve ever had, but do your own research just in case!)

Day 3: Find Out Your Body Type

Disclaimer for my beautiful people: if you struggle with body dysmorphia, please do whatever is right for your body, even if that means totally skipping this day. I want you to be happy and healthy!

Finding out your specific body type can be useful, especially when you have no idea what kind of clothes suit you!

My personal favourite is the Kibbe Body Types Test. This whole system classifies your body into one of 13 body types, depending on your features!

I found the online tests to be a little confusing, but Aly Art has a wonderful video quiz you can take to find out which Kibbe body type you are.

So, what do you do with this information?

You can use your result to find out which kinds of material, cuts and clothing types you look best in!

Let’s take me, for example. My result is “Soft Classic“. According to my research on Google, I look best in simple clothing items with a feminine flair, and I look silly in clothes that are dramatic (which is true!).

Tell me what result you get in the comments, I’m curious! You now have a better idea of what kind of clothes flatter you.

Day 4: Find Your Colour Palette

Now that you know which clothing cuts you look best in for your glow up, what about the colours that bring out your features?

That’s where seasonal colour analysis comes in. This is the study of your features and its colours to determine the colour palette you look best in, and which colours to avoid.

Have you ever heard someone say something like “I’m a summer, I can’t wear that!”? This is that test.

Here is a simple quiz that will tell you which colour season you are, and what colours look best on you.

Wait, does this mean I have to get rid of all my clothes that don’t fit this colour palette?

Heck no! What it does is it helps you shop for new clothes, and figure out why some pieces you buy online just don’t seem to be suiting you.

This will totally help you glow up, especially in the clothing and makeup department!

Day 5: Figure Out a Workout Plan

To pump up your glow up challenge, you need to get that blood flow going and start a workout routine!

What kind of workout you do is really a personal choice.

Workouts need to be fun for you, otherwise it’s stressful and you won’t want to do it ever again.

Here are a few ways you can work out and have fun:

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Lifting weights
  • Pilates
  • Dancing
  • Rock climbing

See how working out can be fun? Do your research on different kinds of workouts and get out there!

You also need to decide if you want to work out alone, with friends or in a class. Either way, whatever makes you comfortable!

Day 6: Fix That Sleep Schedule

So, I don’t expect you to fix your sleep schedule in one night, but today is the day that you start working on it!

Start a night time routine. Right now.

When you start having a night routine, your body will actually get tired while you’re doing it! Awesome, right?

Here are a few things you could do to relax before bed:

  • After eating, make sure you’ve done your dishes and that they’re put away.
  • Immediately get into your comfiest pyjamas.
  • Brush your teeth and wash your face
  • Do a relaxing face massage! I highly recommend this, it’s so relaxing!
  • Set up some water by your bed
  • Put your phone away and read before bed.

You can come up with your own routine, but the above points are a good starting point. You can’t have a good glow up without some good beauty sleep!

Glow up night time routine

Day 7: Work on That Nutrition

Disclaimer for my beautiful people: If you struggle with disordered eating, have an eating disorder or have touchy issues with food in any way, please take the following with a grain of salt. We just want you happy and healthy!

Today is the day that you meal prep!

Your nutrition is extremely important to have a good glow up. A well-balanced diet will give you lots of energy, clear skin and a bit of happiness.

Ask yourself what your priorities are. Do you want to gradually have a vegan diet? Is your priority making cheap healthy meals? Do you just want to have a healthier diet? Think about that for a second.

Ditch the diet apps. My god, these are the bane of my existence. Calorie counting is a really tricky thing, and it doesn’t usually teach someone about intuitive eating and moderation.

Do your research on recipe inspiration. I love YouTube videos for lunch inspiration and easy dinner ideas, so take the afternoon to watch some videos of healthy food you can make.

Now, focus on your weekly groceries. Make a list of the items you need to buy to meal prep your meals.

Work on doing this every week before you do your groceries. It’s a huge time saver, and you’ll be glowing up due to that healthy diet!

Week 3: Stress Management and Chasing Your Dreams

To ace your glow up challenge, you need to focus on your zen. Believing that you can achieve your dreams, as well as managing the stress that comes with that, is essential.

This week, we’re tackling how to do just that!

Day 1: Implement Mindfulness in Your Life

Mindfulness for a glow up

Mindfulness is a truly revolutionary concept, because it helps you reduce SO much stress.

So what is mindfulness, anyway?

Mindfulness is being in the moment. It’s being aware of what’s going on around you without being too reactive or stressed out.

Let’s say you’re in the shower, and you’re stressed out. Now, start noticing things that are happening right now.

  • Sight: I’m seeing lots of steam right now!
  • Sound: I hear the water pouring down and hitting my head.
  • Touch: I feel the water hitting my face. It’s hot in here!
  • Smell: Wow, this soap smells like strawberries!
  • Taste: Ah no, I got some soap in my mouth. Yuck!

You can use your senses to remain in the moment. All of this stimulus makes the stress go away, which is useful as a coping mechanism. You definitely need to ditch the stress during your glow up!

Day 2: Learn More About Yourself

If I asked you who you are, would you struggle to answer?

To glow up on the inside, an important thing for you to understand is who you are. That’s a complex thing to figure out!

Here are a few ways you can start this process out:

Take some personality tests. You might learn a lot about yourself and feel validated about a lot of aspects of yourself! There are a lot of tests you can take online, but I recommend the Myers-Briggs personality test and the Enneagram personality test.

Find your core values. What qualities do you value in a person? Make a list of what you value in yourself, your friends and a partner. You might see a pattern!

What aspects of yourself are you proud of? Now’s the time to boost your accomplishments. Write down every awesome thing you’ve done that makes you proud, even if it seems small. Look at that list, and that shows you how good of a person you are.

Day 3: Map Out Your Dream

Think of what you’d like to achieve. It could be a professional or a personal goal, but it’s something your glowed-up self can definitely achieve.

Let’s plan it out!

Short-term goals. What can you do right now to reach your goals? These can be little tasks like setting up a meeting with a mentor or organizing your desk to start working. Whatever it is, list them out and get started.

What can you do in 6 months? List out more short-term goals that you’d like to accomplish to reach your dream. These can be goals that take a little longer to achieve, or that require more preparation on your part.

Think of alternatives. Do you have other dreams that you’d like to pursue? If some part of your plan goes wrong, how can you react or get back on track? Think of your plan B and your response to any surprises that may come.

Day 4: Cut Ties with Toxic People

I mean, of course I had to add this to the glow up checklist! Glowing up means leaving people behind that drain you and just bring negative energy in your life.

I have an entire article on how to identify and get rid of toxic people, but here’s the rundown:

  • A toxic person is someone who is manipulative and brings you down. You don’t deserve that.
  • Getting rid of a toxic person means setting boundaries with them and ending your relationship with them.

If you have people that are just bringing you down all the time, today is the day that you distance yourself from them.

Day 5: Learn How to Meditate

Meditation is also a great way to ease your stress and remain present. It can seem daunting to you if you see meditation as sitting still and saying “Om!”, but it’s not that, I promise!

There are so many meditation techniques, each for a specific purpose. You can meditate for:

  • Sleep
  • Concentration
  • Mindfulness

I found a really great article on how to meditate easily, or you can check out some great videos on YouTube. I’m a personal fan of guided meditations too, especially when you want to listen to a soothing voice.

Day 6: Give Yourself Nightly Face Massages

Honestly, this is one of my favourite things to do at the end of a stressful day.

Using a face oil, massage it into your face and neck in gentle, circular motions.

The gua sha massage technique helps depuff your face and, if you massage lightly, helps with lymphatic drainage. It’s also immensely de-stressing. Please do it every night, I beg of you.

Here are some video tutorials that are amazing:

Nerida Joy’s How to: Gua Sha Facial Massage

Lisa Eldridge’s My Facial Massage Routine

Treat yourself to a massage! You deserve it.

Day 7: Recite Positive Affirmations

Glow up by using positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to silence negative self-talk. You can say them under your breath, out loud or even repeat them in your head!

When you’re having a bad moment of self-doubt, repeat those mantras.

  • I’ve handled difficult things in my life, and I can do this.
  • I am worthy of being here.
  • I provide value in my thoughts and feelings.

Another option is for you to make your own positive affirmations!

Start implementing those into your daily life, and you’ll be silencing that negative self-talk in no time!

Now that you’re able to handle stress and can reach your dreams, let’s move on to week 4 of the glow up checklist!

Week 4: Glow Up in the Self Care Department

An important part of learning how to glow up is maintaining your glowed-up state. This is where self care comes in: taking time for YOU.

In this section, you’ll be developing habits to take care of your physical and mental health.

Day 1: Schedule a Counselling Session

There’s always that one thing that bothers you.

No matter how big or small the issue, going to at least one counselling session can give you the tools or even just the validation you need to move on.

Here are some examples of issues that might need to be addressed:

  • A stressful work environment
  • Growing up in an unstable home
  • Feeling numb or sad all the time
  • Recovering from a toxic relationship

Whatever it is, don’t be ashamed to go to therapy. No issue is too small or insignificant to be addressed! A glow up means that you finally start healing.

Day 2: Have a Self Care Day

Today is the day to do whatever you want! Stop your daily grind and just relax.

Spend the day doing whatever you want to do: a spa day, watching bad Netflix movies, crying etc.

The goal here is to glow up your habits. An important concept for you to learn today is that taking time for yourself is necessary.

That means that days off are important for your well-being!

Day 3: Go Out with Your Favourite Person

Humans are very much social creatures, and the most introverted person needs some social contact too!

Get into the habit of making plans with people any time you’re feeling down and need some company.

Today, hang out with your favourite person! Doesn’t it feel good to spend time with someone you love?

Day 4: Find Yourself in Nature

Spending time out in nature is a form of spiritual self care.

Being alone in the middle of nature, even if it’s just at your local park, is just the breath of fresh air you need to be able to relax.

  • There are no distractions or the sound of loud traffic
  • You can focus on your breathing and your own thoughts
  • You’re getting used to being alone and enjoying your own company.

Make it a habit to spend time out in nature or going for a walk every day to find that inner peace.

Day 5: Start a Journal

When learning how to glow up, you might want to look back on the progress you’ve made. That’s why journaling is so important!

Try to write in your journal every day. If you’re not sure what to write, here are a few writing prompts to track your glow up:

  • What did you accomplish today?
  • What challenges did you face today?
  • Is there anything you learnt about yourself?

Even if your journal entries aren’t very long, your future self will probably appreciate looking back at all the work you’ve done!

Day 6: Unlearn Negative Self-Talk

You know that voice inside your head that tells you you can’t do something, or that you’re not good enough? That’s negative self-talk, and we need to get rid of that.

Here are a few ways you can silence your inner critic:

  1. Challenge that negative voice. When that voice pipes up and tells you that you can’t do something, stop right there. Smirk at the audacity, and think “I’ve done way worse”.
  2. Get to know your gut feeling. In your head, you have 2 voices: your negative self-talk, and your intuition. Your intuition is your gut feeling, and that’s the voice you really need to listen to. You know that it’s your gut feeling that’s talking when the voice is quieter.
  3. Overpower your negative voice. When your inner critic just won’t shut up, be louder! Say positive things out loud to counter what you’re feeling on the inside. It works! Use the positive affirmations you came up with.

Day 7: Update your Pumped Up Playlist

If you don’t already have a playlist ready to go when you’re getting ready for an event, what are you waiting for?

Music is so powerful and can truly change your mood. By having a playlist to boost your confidence, you’ll be reminded of how much you’ve truly glowed up.

If you’re not sure where to start, I love this Pumped Up Playlist on Spotify.

Now you can play your best tracks when you need that extra confidence boost!


You now have a whole month’s worth of a glow up checklist, perfect to transform yourself into the person you deserve to be!

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TELL ME: Which week of the glow up challenge are you most excited for?

Peace out!

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